If you are interested in doing yoga, you will definitely need to find the right mat. There are a number of things to consider when it comes to finding the right mat for yoga, and you will need to consider all of them before deciding on anything in particular.

The Material

The material of the yoga mat that you get is definitely going to be one of the more important things to focus on. You will need to make sure that the mat you purchase is made of a thick material so you are comfortable when using it. A majority of yoga mats are made out of PVC or vinyl, though you can also find ones that are made from natural cotton or recycled rubbers.


The thickness of the yoga mat you get will be crucial, as you will need to feel completely comfortable when you are on it at all times. You should look for a mat that is at least two inches thick so that you can use it without having to keep getting up.

Eco-friendly design

If you want to get a great yoga mat while doing your small part for the environment, you will find that there are plenty of eco-friendly options available. These days lots of yoga mats are made from recycled rubber and other materials. Take the time to find a company that makes eco-friendly yoga mats. Chances are you won’t end up having to pay extra for a “green” yoga mat, and you’ll be doing your part for the environment.


The texture of the yoga mat you purchase is something else to think about. Look for a mat with some sort of tactile pattern so you will be able to grip onto it easily while going through all of your different positions. An extra-sticky texture is highly recommended for anyone who is serious about doing yoga, because it will make everything much easier and less frustrating. When you are shopping around for the right mat, feel each one with your hands to see how easily they cling to them.

A good yoga mat can serve you well for a number of years, and there are many different ones to look at before making up your mind on one in particular. The more time you spend trying to find the right mat, the happier you will be overall.